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Everyone who is thinking about using Invisalign to straighten their teeth has probably heard a lot about its benefits. However, it’s possible that they were unaware of Invisalign attachments, commonly known as Invisalign buttons.

The fact that the transparent plastic aligner trays are less apparent than traditional braces and that you can eat whatever you want while wearing them are two of Invisalign’s main selling features. When told that attachments may need to be glued to their teeth during treatment, patients are occasionally taken aback.

Why Invisalign attachments might be needed

Expert attachments are frequently used in Invisalign treatment. These are tiny composite resin objects in the shape of buttons. As a part of the patient’s personalized treatment plan, the Cosmetic Dentist in Boonton or orthodontist fastens them on one or more teeth.

Although the attachments come in a variety of sizes and shapes, they are typically smaller than the bracing brackets. To blend in, the substance forms a tiny bump that is shaded to resemble a genuine tooth.

Treatment can be aided in a number of significant ways by tiny Invisalign attachments. The bumps first serve as grips to secure the aligner trays. The trays fit more precisely and snugly because they click over the attachments.

In addition, the buttons provide the trays something to press against in contrast to the tooth’s flat surface. For the most part, teeth with mild to moderate crowding or crookedness respond better to Invisalign treatment. Attachments for aligners can offer more force to move teeth with more severe alignment problems.

It’s well known that Invisalign works quickly. For many patients, Invisalign attachments lead to even quicker and more precise tooth movement.

Are Invisalign in Montville attachments Visible?

It’s doubtful that anyone will notice the attachments underneath the Invisalign trays when they’re in the mouth. The trays may become more apparent as tiny white lumps on the teeth when they are taken out.

The color of the Invisalign will be matched by the dentist or orthodontist to the hue of the teeth, making them easier to see. Even so, people might be able to see them up close if they are on front teeth. But keep in mind that Invisalign needs to be worn for between 20 and 22 hours per day. Few people are likely to observe a patient without their trays.

Attachments for Invisalign are similar to fillings, but without the drilling. After thoroughly cleaning the tooth, the dentist uses a non-toxic dental adhesive to attach the button. It doesn’t hurt.

The attachments do not harm by themselves. However, a patient may find that their Invisalign aligners are rubbing against their lips or the inside of their cheeks when they remove them.

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