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You had an encounter with your orthodontist in Naples because you wanted to straighten your teeth for some cosmetic or functional reason. It is fair to take care of your dental health and ensure that it remains as good as you want it to be. However, when you take up treatments from orthodontics in South Ft Meyers, you need to follow the rules and guidelines laid by your orthodontist. For if you fail to do so, you shall flunk with your treatments.

Either your orthodontist in Naples will share the insights on how you must keep your treatment effective or you will be given a small pamphlet to take home. It is only the orthodontist who will show you to carefully take care of your teeth. With braces or Invisalign, you need to change your oral habits, the way you brush and floss, the number of times you brush and floss, and so on. For example, with braces in your mouth, you cannot eat hard crunchy stuff such as popcorns, hard candy and even carrots are a no.

After knowing the rules to be followed with your orthodontic treatment, it may so feel that your orthodontist is over-reacting, but keep in mind that he has treated plenty of other patients in the past and so, he cannot go wrong here. He says everything from his experience and so, you must listen to him. If you crunch down a corn kernel or a popcorn, it will either get stuck with your braces or simply break the brackets, which will make you visit your orthodontist.

The orthodontic brackets work together and they put a combined pressure on each tooth to shift them into alignment. When a bracket breaks off, it weakens the entire structure, which will further slow down your tooth-straightening process. So, do not follow rules and spend more time with those painful braces. An orthodontist can offer pretty good treatments to take care of your teeth.

Whether you have an underbite, overbite, crossed bit, or you can just concern about the unwanted gaps between your teeth, your orthodontist has the answer to all your queries. If you are looking forward to meet an orthodontist in Naples, you can reach out to us. Take an appointment as a first consultation and take a call only if you are satisfied by our procedures.

We always suggest our clients to be very careful with choosing their orthodontist. It is a matter of life and death when you are working on your facial aesthetics. Choose a good one and your dream smile will come to you soon.

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